Friday, August 16, 2013

Amanda's The Crying Game, Gina Marie's Rosa Parks and Helen's sore back from carrying Elissa #BB15

The Stats: 

Jessie evicted 6-0

Aaryn wins HOH Way Off Broadway

Next Thursday a Jury Member comes back into the game (TBD)

Jessie fought the best she could but unfortunately Jessie was evicted  by a unanimous vote. Before leaving Jessie made sure that she told everyone all that she needed to tell them to destroy Helen's game. That was her main mission and I believe she did just that.

Helen obviously was told what Jessie was doing and tried to do damage control 

Jessie told the HG's that if Helen is in the Final 2 against anyone they she will NOT give Helen her vote for the win. This sent Helen  off. We finally got to see Helen cracking.  She tried and tried but eventually the pain of Helen's lies and denial finally put her down.

 When has Helen ever just laid down right before  a live show? NEVER! but it happened and I have to say it was fun watching helen melt in front of my eyes.

Apparently there was a little bit of commotion prior to the  Live Eviction Show with where Elissa was told to sit.  Production placed her near Aaryn and Gina Marie and Elissa told production that she didn't want to sit near them. 

This comes out right after  the Live Feeds come back where we get Gina Marie and Aaryn going off in several rants thru the evening  over it.  More on that later.

The HOH comp is a Knockout style comp based on Broadway made up tunes. As stated by her majesty Amanda " This comp was tailored for me". But too bad she crashed and burned in the comp and Aaryn wins her 4th HOH

Before the credits roll out Julie decides to tell us, the viewers,  what will be coming up in the following week. We find out that ONE of the FOUR Jury Members will be able to come back into the house.

We get no further information on this so I guess they will decided that last minute.  I predict that if Elissa is evicted this week it will be a landslide for her to come back into the house and that if Helen is evicted that it will be Judd who returns.  I definitely look for a"FIX" on this one.

The Houseguests come back  in and we get to hear Gina Marie and Aaryn going on about how Elissa didn't want to  sit near them during the show

Helen comes in and immediately grabs Aaryn and tells her  "You are Janelle! No! You are better than Janelle! " 

SideBar: OK pause for a moment.. take a breath.. exhale.. ok take another.. it's ok.. we  fans all felt the same way. How in the fucking world can Helen even think that is is something that will go over well with "America" as she likes to say. NO ONE will  ever be like Janelle!  And at that very moment Helen went to the low man of all of the hated Big Brother players out there. We as fans felt her hit that bottom!  Twitter blew up along with other social media outlets.  In fact I don't even think Aaryn bought what Helen was saying! 

 Gina Marie was like a dog with a bone or a chihuahua with a pigs ear as she would not let the  Elissa thing go and filled the room with how much she dislikes Elissa for doing that.

Meanwhile in the Storage Room we have Amanda's version of Rachel Reilly's famous Crying in the Bushes.


Amanda was upset that she can not win anything yet again in the house. The HG's threw the comp to Amanda. Even Aaryn said later on that she waited, looked at Amanda and Amanda still couldn't  get the right answer.

Amanda stayed behind that garbage pail sobbing for over 10 minutes! it was a gem to watch!

Elissa stayed to herself while Gina Marie spouted how much she hated what Elissa did to her and Aaryn before the live show.

Aaryn finally gets her HOH room 

Everyone leaves and Gina Marie immediately back to bashing Elissa.

SideBar: It's funny how quickly Gina Marie forgot that Elissa has done her hair, did yoga with her, gave her advice and support about eating healthy.. Elissa's action, even though we didn't see them was for Elissa's own reasons and not based on anything that Gina marie may have concocted in her own mind. Gina Marie looks for a reason to hate on someone each and every time  there is no valid reason needed. This is just GM feeling like she is in power so she can say what ever the fuck she wants. It's uncalled for! 

Helen  attempts to stick up for Elissa's behavior by stating that she is just missing her family blah blah blah.. 

To me, this was more of Helen putting Elissa as the main target. Helen already caught wind that it will be Elissa and Helen going on the block. 

Gina Marie goes nuts in the HOH not wanting to accept any of the reasons Helen is giving 
FB 8/15/13 cams 1/2 10:42 

GM: I dont care what her husband drives, I dont give a fuck what her husband  does All that fancy smashy stuff i don't care I'm ok with $20 dollars shoes cuz I make that shit look good. So i don't care what high horse she came in  in but if she doesn't want to be out from her sister shadow.. i'm  here to play i'm here to have fun! I love that she wins I love that he won I don't like to make fun of people, I like to put positive things and she just shouldn't have said it i dont care how  mad she was.Be mad at herself and not other people! I'm so frustrated cuz I never said shit about her in fucking weeks!  I even  said what a cool person she was  in DR about working out her body was fucking great we got along I didn't say nothing bad about the fucking lady and then she comes out and say like i'm a fucking squab! Or that i smell bad or something. Like eww i'm disgusted to sit next to you!

Sidebar: Here's the kicker! 

10:47pm cams 1/2 
GM: What are we 1940 where I cant sit like  the black people on the back of the bus? C'mon bro you ain't nobody! Even Donald Trump ain't better than me! 

Sidebar: You can pick your mouth off the floor yes she did say this and yeah GM you got some pair!! 

After Helen says all that she can to both of them on what she feels on behalf of Elissa position Helen goes down to talk to Elissa . 

11:25 pm cams 3/4  in the Storage Room helen lays out the  plan that might go down and relayed what she said in the HOH to GM and Aaryn

11:40 pm cams 3/4 
Elissa: I didn't tell Gina Marie that I told Amanda that and someone was obviously stirring the pot

Helen is  trying to save herself from going on the block. But I do believe that Elissa shut helen down.. Elissa told helen that she chose not to sit  next to them for her own choice. It had nothing to do with Gina Marie and Aaryn it was that she was missing her kids, family and that she got nervous and wanted to calm down. 

11:49 cams 3/4 
Helen sobbed her face off  outside the HOH she was all disgruntled about not being able to penetrate thru Elissa's mind  set So Helen went back up to the HOH crying  but not until she gathered up some fake tears prior to walking into the HOH to make  herself appear more believable 

Helen tells them that she's carried Elissa for as long as she could and balled like a baby!

Helen: it's just not fair.. It's not like i'm trying to throw her under the bus i just cant't help her anymore!

Sidebar: Elissa has told several people in the house that if she goes she doesn't ant o be in sequester that she wants to go home. I do not believe that this will ever happen. one for the integrity of the game  Production will make her stay in Jury but also Elissa knows that if she tells them she wants to leave and "PLAYS POSSUM  she is more likely to be taken to end. That Everyone will win against her  in the F3 comps and that they will also win against her  in the F2 with  votes.  Elissa has been saying since she walked the the doors that she wants to leave and she is still there.  We have seen it before with many famous winners and not so famous  HG's all wanting to leave but no one has ever left on their own. I think it's fantastic that Elissa has been consistent with what her reasons are to be there and what her lack of strategy/ strategy is. 

Back to Helen crying about carrying Elissa, the funny thing about this is that Amanda was clearly not buying this performance.

Amanda may not be able to win comps but she can see what Helen is doing. Even Aaryn gave a look to Andy about  the performance

Earlier Andy and Amanda both said that Jessie was telling the truth and that Helen did come up with the plan to back door Amanda so for them the target is Helen.

11:57 pm cams 1/2
Helen: If she leaves i don't have that many votes

If that doesn't tell you this was all fake than i don't know what to say!

There was tons of bashing Elissa  up in the HOH and it carried on with McCrae later on but he's the go along with the crowd guy this whole season so don't look for that to change

What's Next:

As of right now Elissa and Helen are going up on the block

We're waiting for a Food Comp or a Have/Have NOt Comp and later on today will be nominations.